Are we going to your house for the holidays?

Get ready, the holidays are coming and someone has to host them. The question in my family is always – who is that someone?

I am a great but lazy hostess. I love having company! I enjoy putting fresh sheets and towels out and vases of flowers in the bedrooms. I especially love setting the table (of course I do) and putting the napkin rings on the napkins and all the pretty dishes and stemware on the table. When that is done I step back from the table and admire how gorgeous the table looks. And then I come to a complete stop.

I can’t, won’t and shouldn’t cook. The last time I did I blew up the pyrex glass dish holding my acorn squash when I put a cold cup of water in the dish. KABOOM! Glass everywhere in my oven and in my baked ham, and scalloped potatoes. It was Easter and I was hosting and included my in-laws. They are Jewish and I probably shouldn’t have been serving them ham in the first place which upon assessing the damage prompted my mother-in law to immediately shout – ORDER CHINESE!

Hold on as I am about to come to the point of this post. The table looked fantastic and whether I served a home baked meal or take out Chinese everyone felt honored to be at the table and enjoyed family, friends and the food.

Set your table with Imagination – let our tablecloths inspire you!


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